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We’re Paper and Sun!

A home grown brand created by Ola and Adam – a Polish couple, currently living in Finland.


Our goal is to provide you with a tool to shape the space around you – be it your home office or bedroom. Maybe, just like us, you spend most of your time at home, where you do your freelance work? Our products were born out of our own need to make the space we (sometimes) spend 24h more creative.


Take a look at our products – we’re sure you’ll find something cool!

Paper and Sun - Wall Stickers, wall decals, wall paterns Ola

Ola, the Designer

She’s a designer and illustrator. She loves bright and colorful designs and anything hand made (or head-created). She enjoys being outdoor hiking, cycling or just walking and enjoying nature – living in Finland makes it so much easier to do! She’s also a passionate reader and a crazy yarn-lady!

Paper and Sun - Wall Stickers, wall decals, wall paterns Adam, Etsy Shop

Adam, the Print Guy

He’s the business mind behind the project! He’s been running a printhouse for 2+ years and is an expert when dealing with paper, inks and foils. Give him a sheet and he’ll tell you the weight and type just by touching it! He’s an ultimate foodie – his spirit dish is Bún chả!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the stickers made of?

Our wall stickers are made of high quality german vinyl foil. We mostly use matte finish to give our stickers a very natural, wallpaper-alike look and feel. It’s suitable mostly for indoor uses and works best with smooth, flat surfaces.

The glue on the back side is strong enough to hold on well, but gentle and flexible enough to let go when you no longer want it to be up there.

Where can I stick them?

Walls are an obvious choice! Most of flat, even and smooth walls are perfect for our decals. But that’s not it – you can experiment with many different surfaces such as glass, furniture, the back of your laptop or even… your car!

For more inspiration go to our pinterest!

Will they really leave no marks when removed?

YES! Our stickers are 100% wall friendly! You can easily remove them, even after many months – they won’t leave any glue marks or dirt on your wall.

As there are so many different types of walls (and other surfaces you’d dream of decorating) we strongly advise that you begin with a little test! We add a little tester to each of our orders so that you can experiment with desired surface and make sure it all works out as planned. You’ll familiarize yourself with the process of sticking and make sure the sticker easily sticks and comes off of your wall!

Where can I buy your wall stickers?

As for now all our stickers are available in our Etsy Store – feel free to browse! We’ll also participate in design fairs and interior decoration fans meetings – join our newsletter to recieve the latest information on our newest sales points!

What's your favourite band?

We’re in love with the Silver Seas! It’s an amazing band from Nashville, Tennessee and their music is mesmerizing – we couldn’t resist sharing it with you! You can find all their records on Spotify and our currently favourite song – on the backside of your order! Check it our and let us know if you like it!